01 – Reactor chambers
02 - Compressor with control unit
A - Inlet chamber
B - Sedimentary aeration chamber
C - Measuring shaft

Purification process
Oxidation of carbon and nitrogen compounds, de nitrification, stabilization of sludge and clarification tacking place in the reactor chamber B. To be played these processes in the reactor must be different conditions. During the oxidation of carbon and nitrogen compounds and during stabilization of sludge should be oxide condition and during de nitrification an oxide conditions. Sedimentation takes place in a peaceful regime, i.e. when not done aeration in chamber B, regardless of whether the chamber oxide or an oxide conditions.
In order to have above reactions in chamber B, the order of activities is as follows:

  • Association of the B-batch reactor was filled with raw water to a height H, with constant aeration. During the aeration oxidation processes taking place in C and N compounds. The chamber held the concentration of dissolved oxygen from 1.5 to 2.5 mg / liter until the full oxidation. This time is cycle of aeration and takes Ta minutes
  • Then starts on aeration and sedimentation become. Sedimentation has speed of 1.85 m/hour. After the sedimentation time Ts water will purge the height ΔH so that water can drop in to the recipient or tertiary treatment. The reactor remains a mixture of water and mud in the amount of H-ΔH. ΔH in practice ranges from 1/4 to 1/3 of H. Discharge time is Td
  • While the reactor is done aeration, sedimentation and discharge (Ta+Ts+Td) water that comes to device accepts the inlet chamber A. In the chamber A are anoxic conditions. If the water is recalculate from reactor B to the chamber A, the efficacy of de nitrification will be significantly increased
  • Having in mind that the sludge stays in the reactor B a number of cycles (days), stabilization is made. The excess active sludge is periodically transported to the sludge chamber in order to be thickened. Chamber for sludge is periodically cleaned-empted
  • This device is batch type and is not continuous one. If we pretend to have continuous one then the device is made with 2 or 4 reactor chamber (typical for higher plants). The process occurs cyclically. While in one place aeration reactor Ta, the second reactor is in the sedimentation and discharge process. The process takes the same, i.e. Ta=Ts+Td

The efficiency of the process depends on:
Efficiency of the process depends mainly of properly defined phase of the cycle time and maintenance oxide and an oxide conditions within the chambers A and B. The calculated times Ta, Ts and Td are stored in the processor that takes the process of the device and test work is done for any correction. Correction is done in case of changes in working conditions, stress, etc. Therefore, this device is flexible and always works reliably with the condition of proper handling. For successful handling of this device requires increased investment in measuring and control equipment and it is the reason for his application is used for smaller capacities.

Effluent parameters

  Average (mg/lit) Maximum (mg/lit)
BPK5 15 25
Suspended solids 20 30
CNtot 5 ≤7
CPtot 1 ≤1

Jedinica za tercijalni tretman


Water after mechanical and biological treatment occurs in the gravitational reservoir, where the pump throws to the sand filter under pressure. Filtered water leaves the reservoir of clean water and overflow to the recipient. Washing of filters is done with clean water under pressure and as needed additional air, already available. Water drains from the washing of filters at the beginning of the process.
Filtration process bringing following effects:

  • BPK5 reduction of up to 60%
  • Reduction of suspended matter up to 65%

Chemical treatment can be added after filtration, but only in case required by recipient.

Often, in order to protect the environment, it is important to make disinfection.
It is common disinfection by sodium hypochlorite, chlorine or by UV disinfection. Method of disinfection shall be elected on the basis of the size of the device, requirement of a recipient and it is an influential factor in pricing of disinfection.

Obim isporuke

  • dve potopljene pumpe za prihvatni šaht,
  • reaktor sa komorama,
  • lamelni kompresor sa komandnim ormarom,
  • aeroatori,
  • cevovodi za vodu i vazduh sa potrebnom armaturom,
  • mamut pumpa za recirkulaciju mulja,
  • mamut/potopljena pumpa za visak mulja.

Isporuka po zahtevu

  • lamelni kompresor,
  • merač protoka,
  • merač rastvorenog kiseonika,
  • jedinica za tercijalni tretman,
  • oprema za dezinfekciju,
  • komora za višak mulja.