The idea of “Complex Services” – Creating Manufacturing Installation Servicing is an integral part of the philosophy of the Company.

EKO-VODOINZENJERING provides professional and comprehensive installation and servicing of own production equipment and other manufacturers. The demands of our customers we react in an efficient, fast and competent manner.

Customer loyalty is built on the basis of superior quality products, but also the motivation EKO-VODOINZENJERING to offer and provide long-term operation and servicing of products.

EKO-VODOINZENJERING assume responsibility for proper operation, functionality and performance of machines and equipment that are installed or serviced.

EKO-VODOINZENJERING provides consulting and installation, also user training and servicing.

1. Preparation and dosing of chemicals

3. Piping and Valves

5. Gas Boiler

7. Gas Tank

2. Blowers

4. Gas Generator

6. Dosing Pump

8. Diaphragm-Gas Tank

9. Buster Station

10a. Gas Compressor

10b. Gas Compressor

11. Lava Filters

12. Digesters

13a. Storage of dry mud

13b. Storage of dry mud

14a. Waste Water Treatment Equipment

14b. Waste Water Treatment Equipment