They are intended to thicken the sludge after the primary and final sedimentation tanks in the process of wastewater treatment, or for thickening sludge from washing the filter in the treatment of drinking water.

Thickening the sludge generated as a result of slow mixing and sedimentation with occasional or permanent drainage of surface water.

Mechanical Design

Thickener sludge is performed as robust machine and all components are designed for long life.

Thickener parts:

  • bridge in steel or concrete option,
  • driveline with a torque controller,
  • metal construction for mixing
  • scrapers for bottom of the tank with corresponding positions to suit the shape of the tank,
  • scrapers for conical funnel,
  • overflow tape or adjustable overflow drain for surface water
  • control cabinet.


Steel for the bridge is protected by zinc-coat or epoxy paint system.

Construction under the bridge, which is in contact with water are made of AISI 304, 316, 316L.