Screw pump ensures the transport of waste water of all kinds, without delays and problems. Simple, robust and slow rotating pump designed for long life and easy maintenance.

Drive unit is a compact electric motor with reducer and a magnetic brake or lock against rotation in the opposite direction, dimensioned for continuous and long work.

Coupling between the drive unit and pump body is elastic, ready for shock.

Upper Bearing arrangement accepted part of the axial and radial forces, very robust.

Lower Bearing arrangement accepted part of the radial force, robust and dimensioned for 100,000 hours of work. Lubrication is with the grease under pressure.

Pump grease supply the lower bearing of pressure to 200 bar by a given, predefined program.

Anti-corrosion protection start with sand blasting up to Sa 2, 5, then epoxy coating (two main and two final), all resistant to abrasion and constant for working conditions.

Pump Body is a spiral welded steel construction. Spiral steel pipe is defined by capacity and lift of screw pumps.



Characteristics of Screw Pump and elements for dimensioning

Screw pump


01. Drive unit 
02. Coupling
03. Upper bearing

04. Pump body
05. Lower bearing
06. Pump grease

D = 400- 2000 mm (thickness 4 - 6 mm)
α = 30-40º (gap spiral/concrete 3 - 6 mm)
H< 12 m (depend on capacity)
B = 0 - 600 mm
Capacity: 20 - 1160 l/sec
Efficiency: 0,6-0,8
Pressure (lubrication system) 200 bar


Mounting screw pumps

Upper Bearing relying on wall building

Upper Bearing relies on base

Screw pump


Installation Screw Pump