EKO-VODOINŽENJERING was founded in 1992 in Belgrade, as a private, independent family company for production and installation of equipment for infrastructure projects.

In recent years, EKO-VODOINŽENJERING professional progressed and now occupies a leading position in the market of the region as a reliable partner that guarantees quality, respect deadlines and operating within the foreseen budget.

Activities of EKO-VODOINŽENJERING are covering engineering, manufacturing equipment, installation works and services.

EKO-VODOINŽENJERING provides a wide range of services in the treatment of urban waste water, drinking water and industrial waste water with the fulfilment of the highest national and international standards.

Construction of facilities for water treatment is a multidisciplinary task, and EKO-VODOINŽENJERING successfully cooperates with international compatible and / or related companies, developing systematic, economical and rational solutions, which are in accordance with the requirements and targets of customer.

EKO-VODOINŽENJERING used long practical experience gained by implementation of various infrastructure projects in order to achieve successful and cost-effective implementation.

Target markets for EKO-VODOINŽENJERING are energy systems, utility companies for water treatment and waste water, paper industry, pharmaceutical industry, dairies, oil refineries, breweries, refineries, metal processing facilities and other customers who care about environmental protection.

Business culture EKO-VODOINŽENJERING characterized by:

• Teamwork
• Respect deadlines
• Adjusting the requirements of the Client
• Continuous professional development of employees
• Fostering initiative
• Innovation and flexibility in work.