Screen with the manual cleaning

Application areas:

Small streams and waterways that carry less material. 

Way of cleaning is:

manually by rake occasionally


 zinc-coated steel,

AISI 304, 316, 316L 


as per request

Screen with the manual cleaning


Arch grille with automatic cleaning

Application areas:

For the channel width of 400-1200 mm and a depth of 600-1000 mm

Cleaning method:

automatically as per level indication level or as per timer


zinc-coated steel,

AISI 304, 316, 316L

Arch grille with automatic cleaning



Proper screen selection has always been a challenge for the designer, users and contractors.

The parameters that must have respect are:

  • depth and width of channels, chamber or water streams
  • amount of waste water that brings
  • types of waste materials


Automatic straight grill type ART


Efficient removal of garbage-deposited material from watercourses, applicable for:

  • Chambers,
  • Open channels

Technical specification: 

  • Distance for grill 8-75 mm,
  • Motor capacity of 0.55-1.5 KW,
  • Automatic control,
  • Channel depth 1-8 m,
  • Channel width 0.6-3mm,
  • Speed for buckets 5-8 m/min,
  • Material: zinc-coated steel r AISI304
  • unloading of garbage in a container or to conveyor or to press


  • Vertical,
  • With inclination,
  • Outdoors or
  • Indoors

Standard delivery: 

  • Automatic grid with control cabinet and heater (without heater if installed indoor)
Automatic straight grill type ART


Why automatic tip grate ART

  • No chains and sprockets, and there is no problem as the similar products have,
  • Reliable automatic operation without delay,
  • Takes up little space,
  • Grille section above the channel or chamber is closed, there is no spread of odors, insect collecting, dirtying the premises,
  • Low investments
Automatic straight grill type ART



Purpose and characteristics

If the water flow carries heavier materials

(wood, tires, cans, etc.), which is often the case in major urban pumping stations and facilities, the only effective application is automatic grid type E-FAR (Flexible automatic grille).

Flexibility is reflected in the fact that in case of arrival of larger pieces to the grid, a chain with a bucket will draw the piece and move away from the grill and carry the piece to the dumpster or transporter (Sk. 2).

On a chain attaches more buckets, which secure proper cleaning of the grill even for larger flows, greater depth and water with more sediment material.

This fact recommended this type for the cleaning of larger and deeper water courses, addition to protection of lakes.

Grid type E-FAR effectively clean water

flows and where the most frequently used grille with chains was not efficient, regardless of the reputation of the manufacturer.

Sk. 1

Sk. 2


  • Sticks space 10 - 100 mm
  • Channel depth band 2 - 12 m
  • Channel width 0.6 - 3 m
  • Applied materials AISI 304 or on request
  • Installation angle 70 - 75° (90°)                   
  • Motor power 0.37 - 0.75 kW