The working principle

For the purpose of the primary or final deposition of water are commonly used circular settling tanks.
Water is fed into the central part of the settling basin and stand out through the slits evenly throughout the volume of settling.
Sediment deposited matter settling on the floor, while floating sludge swims to the water surface.
The precipitated material is collected in a central pit where the pipeline runs in the shaft of the mud.
Floating sludge is collected in a drain for floating sludge and then the pipeline goes into a special chute.


The structure above the water level is made of carbon steel, which is then hot galvanized.
Structure that is in contact with water are made of AISI 304 material or upon request.

Constructional features:

Wheels for driving the bridge are anticipated for high loads and are coated with polyurethane.

Cleaning routes (crown pool) is carried with snow plow (optional is IC heated for winter period), or with rotary wire brush.

Central bearing bridge with radial-axial bearing for high load, type Rothe Erde.

Duct cleaning is carried by rotary PVC brush with the possibility of rotation and raising in order to clean the entire surface of the channel.

The drain of floating material was carried out by self-flushing water from the settling tanks.

Peripheral drive is equipped with a torque switch to protect overload. 

Anti-slip drive wheel is secured with contactless switch and it is deactivated in the event of slippage.