elimination of organic pollution, nitrification and stabilization of sludge


01 – Reactor chambers
02 - Compressor with control unit
A - Biological chamber
B - Sedimentary chamber
C - Measuring shaft

Purification process
The process of oxidation of carbon and nitrogen compounds take place in the biological chamber that is constantly aerated while maintaining the concentration of dissolved oxygen between 1.5-2 mg/liter. Retention time of sludge in the biological chamber for a long time, so that at the time stabilization of sludge is done. After clarification in sedimentation chamber water goes to recipient or tertiary treatment. Recirculation of active sludge is permanent and evacuation of excess sludge is from time to time. This process is designed from the aspect of handling and maintenance of the simplest devices and therefore these devices are most often used in practice in smaller capacities.

Effluent parameters

  Average (mg/lit) Maximum (mg/lit)
BPK5 15 25
Suspended solids 20 30

Unit could be extended with filtration and disinfection if required. If necessary, the unit will be extended with chemical removal of phosphorus and tertiary treatment.

Jedinica za tercijalni tretman


Water after mechanical and biological treatment occurs in the gravitational reservoir, where the pump throws to the sand filter under pressure. Filtered water leaves the reservoir of clean water and overflow to the recipient. Washing of filters is done with clean water under pressure and as needed additional air, already available. Water drains from the washing of filters at the beginning of the process.
Filtration process bringing following effects:

  • BPK5 reduction of up to 60%
  • Reduction of suspended matter up to 65%

Chemical treatment can be added after filtration, but only in case required by recipient.

Often, in order to protect the environment, it is important to make disinfection.
It is common disinfection by sodium hypochlorite, chlorine or by UV disinfection. Method of disinfection shall be elected on the basis of the size of the device, requirement of a recipient and it is an influential factor in pricing of disinfection.

Scope of delivery

  • Two submersible pumps for admission chamber
  • Reactor chambers
  • Compressor with command unit
  • Aerators
  • Pipelines for water and air with the necessary fittings
  • Vacuum pump for sludge recirculation
  • Vacuum or submersible pumps for surplus sludge

Delivery on request

  • Compressor
  • Flow meter
  • Dissolved oxygen meter
  • Unit for tertiary treatment
  • Equipment for disinfection
  • Chamber for surplus sludge